Smoked Mackerel Pate

My Smoked Mackerel pate is so easy to make and is talked about on social media and often pops up in some of your lovely reviews so I thought I would share the recipe with you all to prove how easy it is to make !!


4 large smoked Mackerel Fillets 

100g Cream Cheese 

Cracked Black pepper

Lemon Juice

A pinch of chilli flakes

                                                                     1 table spoon of horseradish


Now the hard part ...... remove skin and as many bones from your smoked mackerel as you can and pop them all in a big bowl and using a potato masher mash all the ingredients together (some people use a blender but I like a more chunky pate) And thats it !! You will need to get some fresh bread (I like mine with a crunchy soda bread)  


Mussels made up as I go along .... 


Im really pushing Fresh Mussels this month they are so easy to cook, and its the perfect time of year to buy them.  We have 2 suppliers we use, one from Brancaster and a lovely Shetland supplier 1kg is usually enough to feed two people (adding a loaf of crusty bread and a good bottle of white wine).  I dont tend to weigh out my ingredients I like to stand over the oven and keep tasting it until I know its right so my recipe page is never exact but it seems to work !!


 1 kg Fresh Live Mussels

1 tub of double cream

Half a bottle of white wine (shame to waste the other half so I drink whilst I cook !)

A good handful of panchetta

Fresh chopped Parsley

3 cloves Garlic finely chopped

5-6 Shallots roughtly chopped 

Cracked Black Pepper


Gently fry the Panchetta, Garlic and Shallots in a pot add the cream and white wine and gently simmer add the black pepper and parsley make sure your Mussels are prepared (debearded and cleaned) If you buy them from us they will be !


Add the mussels in the sauce on a medium heat put the lid on and leave to gently simmer and steam for 4 minutes once the Mussels are open they are cooked.  (No one likes over cooked Mussels so dont cook them for to long, once they are open they are cooked)


I serve mine with crusty tiger bread so mop up all the juice and try to have at least a bottle of cold Pinot Grigio to wash them down with but that is optional




My Fish pie


I cant seem to tempt my 5 year old with a huge amount of fish, but he adores my fish pie.  So I try to make it once a week and there are never leftovers.


The most important thing...fluffy potatoes and a really good variety of mixed fish.




Maris pipers boiled with a good pinch of salt then mashed with plenty of butter and full fat milk


500gm Mixed fish pie mix we use salmon, smoked haddock and a seasonal white fish in ours with a good handful of tiger prawns for an extra bite


3 soft boiled eggs

Fresh Parsley a good handful roughly chopped (we are lucky enough to have plenty in the garden)

Bay leaf


For the sauce

150ml full fat milk

30gm plain flour

24gm strong grated cheddar


Simmer the fish gently in a pan covered with full fat milk add black pepper and a good handful of chopped parsley and a bay leaf for 4 minutes


Drain off the milk into a seperate jug remembering to keep aside for your sauce the flavours from the fish will make a really tasty sauce


Pop your fish in an oven prove dish with your soft boiled eggs roughly choppped throw in some petis pois give it all a good stir pre heat your oven to 200oc gas mark 6 and get ready to make your sauce


Melt your butter in a pan stir In the flour simmer for a few seconds and add your infused milk and grated cheese DONT STOP STIRRING ITS WORTH IT I PROMISE Season with salt and cracked black pepper and gently stir in to the fish, try not to be to rigourous I like nice big bites of fish in mine.


Top with your fluffy mash potato and run a fork over it and sprinkle on another good handful of cheese.  Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes until its bubbling and serve with crunchy green vegetables.









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