Christmas and every thing since......

What a year we have had....I had always imagined that when I started this I would update my blog every week and keep you all updated with our ideas however it has passed by me in a whirl and I have been so busy making sure all your orders have been perfect I have neglected the technology bit so my new years resolution was to get my website looking beautiful and more user friendly so I am in the process of doing just that.  It may take some time but I am working on it for you all.  Christmas was the best month I think of my life, what started off as something small actually turned in to something huge ....the orders started way back in October and slowly built as time went on...Every single order that left my little shop was made and processed by me Christmas week I worked every day for 18 hour days and actually two days straight towards the end of that week it was exhausting and exhilerating all at the same time I spent Christmas day night cooking Whole salmon for deliveries boxing day and things didnt slow down we then faced New years Eve !! But we did it without a glitch Im pleased to say on the 2nd Jan we took a few days off and spent time with our children.  But this is it my second year I have so many ideas and things going on for all you lovely lot and I cant wait to share them with you all.  We also now do the catering for the AMAZING Little Beach hut Company which has been the highlight of 2017 if you have yet to use them please google them and give them a try they own the most beautiful beach huts on the Island and rent them out. I cant begin to tell you the beauty of sat in one for the day and looking out on the beach it really is something incredibly special...and then you get us turn up with your lunch Seafood platters served la Rochelle Style on beautiful tiered stands with warm smoked salmon and chive muffins,Mackerel Pate, fresh bread and Lemon Possets served with homemade shortbread you cant get a better day there is something about eating seafood in a beach hut looking out at the sea that does something to the soul. 

Work starts on our little shop in March its going to be something very special photos to follow in the next month or so of progress... We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and I end every blog saying the same thing THANK YOU !!!





Summer Holidays

When I started up my little fish company I had no idea how amazing you would all be in suporting us, So my apologies that my website has been a little lapse in updates but its because you have kept me so busy, and with the opening of our beautiful little shop in Mersea island I have been trying to keep up with all your deliveries and orders so I havent been "technical" for some time.  The summer holidays are here and you have all gone mad for our seafood platters and as the season is here we have been adding some beautiful local samphire to them the green against all the beautiful shell fish colours finishes them off beautifully.  We have also been trying to get all information with environmental health together so we can start smoking our own fish we have been dabbling as a hobby for  few years and have finally been given the go ahead to be able to do it to sell to all you lovely people !! So WATCH THIS SPACE !!!  



Easter Weekend !!


I have been trying to write my next blog for the last week or so to thank you all for your amazing orders Easter weekend (wowzers it was a busy one!!) I had all my online orders and also had the shop (finally) open every day and we were so busy, It really was lovely to back serving you all again and seeing some faces from the old shop and welcoming lots of new ones :) I am just trying to find my feet at the moment although I had the Shop in Colchester being out of the town is completely different and I am figuring out which days and times you would like me all to be open, I have practically lived in the shop the last few weeks thank goodness I made one of my very first purchases a coffee machine !!  We have decided to open 6 days a week closed on Mondays (I need to fit the paper work in some time !!) 10am until 2pm however in the summer we will have longer opening times.  The weather has been an issue for me one week I am promoting BBQ packs then it gets chilly and I am promoting home made fish pies roll on the summer when hopefully everyday will be sunny and you will all be sat out in the garden bbqing fish and tiger prawns and enjoying our seafood platters :) I have started to introduce some different products our Sushi Grade Tuna is one of them, I wanted something that sets us apart from Supermarkets and this is something that you really need to buy from your fishmonger, we buy in this Tuna and ensure it has been histamine tested so you can eat it raw its a beautiful deep red colour and looks like a really really good steak (but far nicer!) There are so many recipes for Tuna, Asian infused, Raw, Slightly seared its so versatile, so get out of your comfort zone and try some this week you wont be dispppointed !!


Girl Fishmonger..... Mothers day Weekend

!!Monday after mothers day .....and relax!!! What an amazingly busy weekend, It really was an honour to fulfil this weekends orders knowing they were for Mothers day gifts and family celebrations we were so over whelmed you chose us to make a special day even more special.  We have been making these platters and supplying our homemade goodies and fish for so long its easy to think we breeze through these weekends, lots of hard work goes in to making sure you all recieve your orders and love them as much as we do.  Our drivers this weeekend (my husband included) were amazing and all orders got to where they needed to be on time and with a smile.  It was a really lovely morning today to wake up and see the many messages from our customers thanking us and sharing photos of our platters being enjoyed this weekend we truly do appreciate every single one of you !!... But now the build up for Easter is upon me !! We have so many beautiful local fish being landed now this is a really exciting few months I can probably tell you when you buy local the time your fish was landed it really is that fresh !! We had a Dover Sole on Friday that my husband caught, he gutted it and we popped it on the plate in the fridge ready to cook for tea ... When I went to retrieve it to cook it was gone..... I had only had one glass of wine at this point and am always misplacing things (once found the TV remote in the fridge ) so had a better look and found the aforementioned fish on the shelf below no longer on the plate .... It was so fresh it was still twitching and had twitched right off the plate to the shelf below!! This is Fresh fish and what its all about, so please carry on Supporting us.. Supporting our fishermen... It really is something special. 


See you all at Easter !! 






# Girl Fishmonger ...going strong!!

 Im on week 3 of my new venture, getting to grips with technology (Ithink?!) Its been completely over whelming busier than I ever hoped and the feedback has been AMAZING !! I will never get bored of hearing one of the kids or my husband shouting " Youve had another comment on facebook its even better than the last one!! " We all sit and read them and it makes us so proud.  Its a real family business particularly this week its been half term so Eve and Stanley have been "Working" with me.. So if you ring my office in the holidays and an incredibly young sounding person answers the phone I want to reassure you all Im not into Child Labour they do want to help and I pay them in bribes ! I decided to give all my Valentines day customers a little Chocolate treat with their orders and it was lovely to see how excited they got by a small chocolate bar (everyone should get chocolate on Valentines day ) Moving forward Iv had tips and suggestions and I promise I am looking at all of them we love hearing peoples thoughts and ideas so carry on sending them to me.  Im also slightly jealous of all your culinary skills I keep getting photos sent of the fish we send all prepared Its made me hungry all week so if you have any family recipes or tips tell me I love to try new things.  I hope the next three weeks are as busy and I hope you all carry on ordering and loving what we send .


# Girl Fishmonger

Super excited to be starting my new venture but moving from a high street shop to online is a huge transition and all of a sudden people kept talking to me about domain names and interfacing and will I be blogging and uploading?.... To try and get a clearer understanding of exactly what I was getting myself in to and feeling a bit scared about all the IT jargon I decided to ask my ten year old to teach me the basics, Before I even knew what was going on she came into the office armed with a phone newer than mine tripods, selfie sticks, go pros and all the other things she got for christmas that I have no clue what are used for.  "Mum" she said "you need to start vlogging"...I still at this point dont even know what blogging is but now Im being talked to about vlogging..."Every one is doing it mum its so trendy and will be good for the business you just need to film your self being a bit fishy.. " Im not quite sure what consitutes as being fishy I have visions of me looking shady down a dark alley with a trout but she informs me thats not the case and I need to be uploading videos of me making my homemade goodies fishcakes and quiches, opening oysters and filleting fish, So with a small camera strapped to my head I'm making fishcakes whilst  talking to myself have all this to look forward to!!  Aside from trying to look like one of the cool vloggers my daughter has shown me on the internet I will try to write something each week on this page with whats in season locally , the best way to prepare it and some recipe ideas and whats going to be happening in the coming weeks. Valentines day is coming around fast and we will be adding some amazing products to our shop as the time goes on, Scottish Scallops, RSPCA approved Scottish Salmon and Brancaster mussels.  Locally at the moment we are catching Sprats, Herrings, Cod.    


This is our first week bear with us ! If there is something you want that isnt in our shop just ask, If I can get it I will.  We are so lucky to have such a huge variety of beautiful fish its is impossible to list it all.  I hope you love our shop as much as we do, and watch this space ..there will be a vlog ?! uploaded very soon !!

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